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About me

Dimitrios Tsakos

Solutions-focused coach / Soft skills trainer


I founded my Coaching business by combining my background in hospitality, sales engineering, aviation, learning & development, and human factors training.

I've lived, worked, and traveled globally, holding multiple degrees, certifications, and expertise in various soft skills.


I studied at theNational & Kapodistrian University of Athens, which completed two programs, the Philosophical Life Coaching and the Certificate in Coaching accredited by theAssociation for Coaching.

I am also a certified Solution Focused Coach trained by the respected and well-known Solutions Academy coaching training provider.

Last but not least,I'm an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation and a certified Practitioner coach by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.


"The session was mindblowing! It helped me realize my values and process beliefs and feelings that sometimes get in the way of my goals. My thought patterns were challenged really effectively and I explored in what ways I need to adjust my mindset! I am grateful for this session!"

Katerina - Athens Greece

"It was a pleasure working with Dimitrios. Through out our coaching sessions, he asked powerful questions that helped to shed light on topics and concepts that were worth reflecting and have a different perspective on that helped to further raise my awareness and better my work and personal relationships. Such as boundaries, communication, authenticity. One of the main goals that I achieved while working with Dimitrios was to go on a solo self discovery travel adventure which was great!

Yousef - Kuwait

"Dimitrios is a dedicated coach who has been supporting me to achievemy life and career goals with insightful questions. He is courageous to ask me challenging questions and gives me a lot of room for reflection without any judgement at the same time. His empathy, genuineness and active listening have created a safe environment for me to be open and vulnerable to face my deep feelings, which helped me through the tough time in life while going through grief and depression. I enjoy the long-term coaching partnership with Dimitrios and am truly grateful for his support.

Dorothy - China

I have had the pleasure of working with Dimitrios a number of times and i am happy to recommend him as an excellent coach. I appreciate the approach that he uses in empowering a person. The best part about it is that he actually listens to what I had to say, he is not judgmental and he understands clients from different cultures ( that helps a lot). He is patient and understanding. The best part is his ability to help you find the answer/solution by yourself because "I have the answer". Which is very true. Thank you so much for what you have done for me personally and professionally. I hope to work with you soon again. *5 STARS*"

Sonia- Namibia Afrika

“From the first moment that I met Dimitrios, he “won” me over, with his smile and his positivity. He is a very calm and polite person, good listener, as he has great method and contagion. For a long time, I had been negatively affected by my professional life and I did not care about my personal life, which resulted in, me being not so well. The goal which I set with Dimitrios was to change my professional route and to take back my personal life. From his targeted questions in our sessions, he helped me, to understand that everything is in my mind and my wants should prevail in order to have a healthy and more energetic self. Dimitrios's help is invaluable and of course I highly recommend him!”

Vicky- Athens Greece

"Dimitrios navigated the conversation with me brilliantly, showing empathy, and compassion, but also provoking my thought process well. I have achieved and realised way more through this session, than I thought I will!

Alex- Uk