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Finding yourself at career crossroads can be confusing and stressful.


To help you get clarity, I offer coaching conversations to help you get the solutions you need.



My philosophic mindset is the fundamental element that gives me purpose in the coach role.

In an easygoing & caring style, I work with clients to create a personal thinking space in which clarity increases,

exploring areas that are perhaps not thought of before and enabling personal growth.

I aim for concrete results and actions you can immediately use so our talk becomes a practical tool.


You can expect me to focus on your needs through honest listening.

We will explore what is important for you, and I will support your approach.

If the talk moves into areas outside my expertise, I will let you know and only try to act within my professional territory.


by not comparing with others but only with honest learning of who you are.

Finding yourself at a crossroad thinking:

  • What do I like doing for work?
  • What am I good at doing?
  • Just because I have this education, does that mean I want to do it?

Few topics i work with

  • Professional and personal growth.

  • You are dealing with a new career step.

  • You are getting a clear picture of your goals and the future you want for yourself.

  • Identifying your core values and getting a deeper understanding of your behavior.

  • Discover any dysfunctional beliefs that might be blocking you.

  • You like your job, but you feel discomfort in your department.

  • You like your working environment, but something is missing related to work. 

  • You have two great job offers and are unsure how to choose.

  • Building your business, and you need some clarity on how to proceed.


The approach

The solutions-focused coaching method focuses on the solution and not the problem. That is a scientific and well-known approach used in brief coaching, aiming to assist the client in finding future outcomes by focusing on solutions and not so much on the problem.



What's your philosophy?

Stepping out of the academic use of the word and using the beautiful meaning of "love for wisdom" in a simple and meaningful manner, I can help you explore the way you look at the world and, from there, build up a plan based on your life experience by a philosophical coaching approach.

"Dimitrios navigated the conversation with me brilliantly, showing empathy, and compassion, but also provoking my thought process well. I have achieved and realised way more through this session, than I thought I will!

Alex- Uk


5 steps process

It is fundamental to explore your core values and beliefs from scratch for a better self-understanding, which leads to Growth.

During this 5 step challenge, I will help you navigate through some guided self-help "experiments" through talk and other tools, and together we can identify parts of your character that you, of course are aware of, but we will talk about them in a way you haven't done before.

That will make you aware of your behaviors and actions in different life situations, and it will help you make decisions in your life with a clear mind and by a conscious choice not feeling that you are running on autopilot.


75% of accidents in aviation are due to human error. You might not have a life-threatening situation at work, sports club, or any social setting, but imagine what you learn to steam out uncomfortable situations in your daily life and increase productivity and your well-being.

I can show you how to do that by bringing in my human factors training experience from aviation.

Understanding how to give, receive and ask for feedback is a skill people can learn.

Check out this workshop if you want to add value to your team's individual and collective performance.

Ioffer a combination of team coaching & facilitating workshops to explore the importance of feedback to support team members to succeed in daily tasks, avoid conflict or uncomfortable situations, and turn them into a valuable and fun learning experiences.



100€ or 750dkk


80€ or 600dkk / session


70€ or 500dkk / session

"Dimitrios is a dedicated coach who has been supporting me to achievemy life and career goals with insightful questions. He is courageous to ask me challenging questions and gives me a lot of room for reflection without any judgement at the same time. His empathy, genuineness and active listening have created a safe environment for me to be open and vulnerable to face my deep feelings, which helped me through the tough time in life while going through grief and depression. I enjoy the long-term coaching partnership with Dimitrios and am truly grateful for his support.

Dorothy - China

“From the first moment that I met Dimitrios, he “won” me over, with his smile and his positivity. He is a very calm and polite person, good listener, as he has great method and contagion. For a long time, I had been negatively affected by my professional life and I did not care about my personal life, which resulted in, me being not so well. The goal which I set with Dimitrios was to change my professional route and to take back my personal life. From his targeted questions in our sessions, he helped me, to understand that everything is in my mind and my wants should prevail in order to have a healthy and more energetic self. Dimitrios's help is invaluable and of course I highly recommend him!”

Vicky- Athens Greece