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These tools are a great way to start working with yourself. 

It is interesting to put your thoughts on a paper

and look at them from a different perspective. 

Here I have a few "experiments" which can help you in your journey.

So get a pen and paper and have fun.

#1: Transformation worksheet

Identify what you Don’t Want & Have and whatDon’t Have & Want

Dimitrios Coach

#2: Find your current coordinates

Dig deeper into your wants and haves

Dimitrios Coach

#3: Things That Energize Me, Things That Drain Me

Identify what gives you energy and what it takes it away. 

Dimitrios Coach

#4: Give Up Your Career Today!

What if you could give up your career right now?
Do not worry. I am not suggesting you quit,
but think about it. Something interesting might come up.

Dimitrios Coach

"Talking to Dimitrios is always extremely insightful as he helps you view things from a different perspective and helps you think outside the box and find new ideas to look at challenges from a different lens"

Camelia- Bucharest Romania

"Dimitrios gave me simple, yet powerful tools to tackle the current challenges I have. He asked very interesting questions that helped me reshape my internal narrative to a less judging and more empowering language.

Sara- Czech republic